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Contact Lens Cases

Dear Geolens-town Customers:

Quality Lens Cases are Available now in GEO LENS TOWN.

For All Types of Contact Lenses

~100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
~Leak Proof Case

Contact Lens Case
~ Ideal for storage or chemical disinfection
~ Screw-on lid keeps contacts safe inside
~ Compact, durable plastic design
~ Conveniently fits in the smallest purse or handbag
~ Available in multiple bright colors.

Colour Available: PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, GREEN
Prices: RM3.00 now only RM2.00/pcs
wholesale available min 100pcs

Extra Tips

Lens cases can be a disinfectant source of microbial contamination. To help prevent eye infections, lens case should be properly cleansed, rinsed and airdried. Lens cases should be replaced every few months or as directed by your eye care professional. 

Use of this lens case with heat may cause wrappings. Use for storage during chemical disinfection only. Do not use with heat.

Some chemical and hydrogen peroxide systems require special contact lens cases. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult your eye care practitioner.

Replace your contact lens case around 1 to 3 months!

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