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illegal Contact Lens Vendors

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Many people asking, Why does many contact lenses sell at a various Price range? are there reliable? dangerous?

In Recent news, 
there are many Irresponsible and cold blooded manufacturer everywhere in the market. Here, we suspected there are portion of the coloured contact lenses which are illegally smuggled into Malaysia.

Some South Korean factory owners of banned coloured contact lenses are now operating and they produces goods without permit, and give them a fake label and even packaging without any factory name.

Some lenses which are rejected in South Korea, the lenses are also suspected smuggled in and sell them at a very low prices.

In the China Press mentions, even some contact lenses sold online or in small shops are fact recycling used ones, and vendors repackaged and put them back on the market for sale.

Many Malaysian vendors may have zero knowledge and innocent towards this serious issue. They may import some unrecognized factory products which are dengerous and sell at a very low prices.

Estimated, lenses which are sold RM25 and below.

Above all information is a reference from China Global Time.

Customer’s tips:

While you purchase contact lenses please do make sure you got the high quality lenses from the recognized manufacturers as well as distributors.
Lenses packaging must be Original manufacture label with:

1) Manufacturer name
2) Manufacturer address
3) Manufacturer Website
4) Anti Fake stickers

ask them to show you the Certificate of Authorized Dealer with a valid ID number.

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